Exclusive: Get legit Windows 11 licenses for $59 instead of $139

If you’re looking to pick up a Windows 11 license on the cheap, you’ve come to the right place. PCWorld’s very own Software Store is currently selling Windows 11 licenses for as high as 70 percent off. That’s a massive deal, as Windows 11 Home licenses usually cost $139, while Windows 11 Pro costs $200.

The Windows 11 Home license includes integrated Android apps, Microsoft Teams integration, enhanced dark mode, tabs in File Explorer and Notepad, and so much more. The Professional version of the license includes more security features such as BitLocker, which protects your data from outside threats by encrypting it, and the fantastic Windows Sandbox.

We’ve also got legitimate Windows 10 licenses for sale, which you can’t buy direct from Microsoft anymore. That said, Windows 10 will be reaching the end of its life cycle next year, so plan on moving to Windows 11 at some point no matter which version you choose for now. These are all OEM licenses, which means you can install them on a single computer.

Windows 11 Home, $59.99 (57 percent off)

Windows 11 Professional, $79.99 (60 percent off)

Windows 10 Home, $49.99 (64 percent off)

Windows 10 Professional, $59.99 (70 percent off)

Aren’t those deals just scrumptious? Windows licenses sure don’t come cheap, but you can get them for a whole lot cheaper than usual via PCWorld’s Software Store. Save some money and tell your friends.

Get Windows 11 and Windows 10 licenses at the PCWorld store

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