Gmail: How to schedule emails to send at specific times

Nudgemail is a smart service that we first wrote about back in 2010. Instead of putting reminders in your calendar, you send an email to and then get a reminder email back at the time you choose. However, Nudgemail has now announced that it’s shutting down the service, at least temporarily.

But if you have a modern email service like Gmail, the same function is built in from the start. It is called Scheduling and allows you to send emails at a later time. The basic idea, of course, is that you can email others at a more convenient time, but you can also use the feature to email yourself. Here’s what you do:

Open a new email as usual and enter your own email address in the recipient box.

Write the subject in the header line and add a message if necessary. Note that this text only goes to yourself.

Instead of pressing Send click on the arrow on the right and select Schedule Send.

You can now choose a time by clicking on one of the three suggested options. If they do not fit, you can click on Select date and time to enter something else.

The email will now be sent to your email address at the desired time. If you want to change anything, just click on the heading Scheduled in the left-hand column, open the email, and make your changes.

Other email services like Microsoft Outlook and Proton Mail have similar features that work the same way.

Of course, an alternative to sending reminders via email is to use a to-do list app. As a rule, you can schedule the items added to the list. Google Tasks and are two popular options.

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