Meta will start collecting “anonymized” data about Quest headset usage

Enlarge / Meta is watching for your “anonymized” VR data. (credit: Aurich Lawson | Getty Images)

Meta will soon begin “collecting anonymized data” from users of its Quest headsets, a move that could see the company aggregating information about hand, body, and eye tracking; camera information; “information about your physical environment”; and information about “the virtual reality events you attend.”

In an email sent to Quest users Monday, Meta notes that it currently collects “the data required for your Meta Quest to work properly.” Starting with the next software update, though, the company will begin collecting and aggregating “anonymized data about… device usage” from Quest users. That anonymized data will be used “for things like building better experiences and improving Meta Quest products for everyone,” the company writes.

A linked help page on data sharing clarifies that Meta can collect anonymized versions of any of the usage data included in the “Supplemental Meta Platforms Technologies Privacy Policy,” which was last updated in October. That document lists a host of personal information that Meta can collect from your headset, including:

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