Samsung is making it harder to know what type of OLED TV you’re getting

Enlarge / A marketing image for Samsung’s 83-inch S90C, its first OLED TV to quietly use an LG Display WOLED panel. (credit: Samsung)

Samsung rejuvenated the OLED TV market when its display manufacturing subsidiary, Samsung Display, announced QD-OLED two years ago. Quantum dot-infused OLED panels brought the promise of richer color compared to LG Display’s white OLED panels (WOLED) and represented a viable competitor to what had become OLED TVs’ only option. Various OEMs, from Samsung Electronics to Sony, bragged about the purported advantages QD-OLED brought over WOLED. Samsung is not so boastful these days.

Samsung’s 2024 OLED TV lineup will feature TVs that use both QD-OLED and WOLED panels. Samsung started doing this last year with the 83-inch S90C. But this year, it will reportedly be even harder to tell if a new Samsung OLED TV has quantum dots.

Samsung announced the entry-level S85D, the S90D, and the flagship S95D in January, without specifying the type of OLED panel tech(s) involved. But it was still apparent that the S90D would include WOLED options since Samsung said it would come in 42, 48, 55, 65, 77, and 83-inch sizes. QD-OLED doesn’t come in 42, 48, or 83 inches.

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