The best iPhones for 2024: Which model should you buy?

It’s a question as old as time, or at least the early 2010s: Which iPhone should you buy? For most, the answer is simple: Buy the highest-end Apple phone you can afford. And if you’re happy with your current handset, don’t buy a new one at all. But if you’re sure it’s time to upgrade and need a hand, let us help. We at Engadget have tested and reviewed iPhones since their inception, including all eight models Apple sells today. Below, we’ve broken down the current iPhone lineup and named a few top picks.

Before we dig in, let’s be clear: There isn’t really a “bad” iPhone. Each model provides a similar set of core perks: tight integration with other Apple devices, premium hardware, lengthy software support, and services like iMessage, Apple Pay and FaceTime. With the latest iPhone 15 series, Apple has finally swapped its charging ports from Lightning to the more universal USB-C. Still, some models are better buys than others right now. Just note that we’ve based this guide on the prices for new unlocked iPhones at Apple’s online store. If you can find a good deal on a refurbished model or a heavy discount from a carrier or a third-party retailer, that could change the equation depending on your budget.

Other iPhones we tested

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