Transparent Micro LED searches for purpose in Lenovo’s concept laptop

In 2010, Samsung demoed a transparent laptop prototype. The OLED laptop looked uniquely futuristic, and there were even reports that Samsung would release the design for real. But it never did. And 14 years later, even with a different type of display technology improving the experience, it seems like there still isn’t a strong argument for transparent-screen consumer laptops—even with AI shoehorned into the design.

Just a prototype for now

Before we get into the Lenovo ThinkBook Transparent Display Laptop Concept, keep in mind that it is just a concept. Lenovo has no official plans to release this computer and describes it as a way to explore how transparent displays and AI can be combined.

That said, Lenovo’s executive director of ThinkPad portfolio and product, Tom Butler, told The Verge he has “very high confidence” that such technologies will be available in a consumer product within the next five years. If that’s true, Lenovo will need to figure out what people might want in capabilities.

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