Twitch will overhaul its mobile app for the first time since 2019

Twitch is redesigning its mobile app for the first time since 2019. The company’s CEO, Dan Clancy, wrote in an open letter on Wednesday that the discovery feed will be the app’s new landing page. The update, expected later this year, will also make it easier to share quick updates, including uploading short video stories from the mobile app.

“We’re redesigning the mobile app (the first major update since 2019) to bring you a more modern, immersive viewing experience by making the discovery feed available to all Twitch users as the new landing experience in the app,” Clancy wrote. The discovery feed, currently only available as an “experiment” in the mobile app, shows real-time updates blending streams from people you follow with recommended content.

Clancy says the mobile app will also add new features that encourage quick updates for your followers, including the ability to create and upload short video stories from your phone. Other additions will include pinch-to-zoom in photos (better late than never?) and the ability to share portrait videos to stories.

Twitch moderators with iPhones have something to look forward to, as the mobile app will include mod tools for the first time. Previously desktop-only, the mobile tools will be “flexible, easy to use, and move with you,” according to Clancy. The company says the mod tools will roll out to iOS later this year; it hasn’t yet addressed Android availability.

Looking beyond the mobile app, other 2024 Twitch updates will include updated community guidelines. Clancy says the new rules include “clearer, updated harm definitions, and more severe penalties for some types of harassment.” The platform also plans to roll out tools to help users better identify harassment, including some that Clancy claims “would block more harassment before it shows up in your chat.”

Finally, Twitch’s clip editor (which reportedly helped enable child exploitation on the platform) will soon make it easier to share content. Clancy says the feature will make it easier for creators and viewers to share clips to social channels, including an option to export directly to Instagram. In addition, the mobile app’s big update will add the clip editor when it arrives later this year.

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