“Commercial Breaks” Documentary (1984-Paul Anderson): The rise and fall of Imagine Software

by ray2kidpublished on March 7, 2024

Fly on the wall Documentary made in 1984 by the BBC’s Paul Anderson (also worked on Tomorrow’s World).

The Documentary chronicles the fast rise and even faster fall of Imagine Software-developers of many huge selling ZX Spectrum titles and once one of the biggest software companies in the UK, alongside the more long-term success of Ocean Software around the same time.

This documentary acts as a supplimentary piece to a @RetrocastUK vidcast that features a talk by Bruce Everiss – director at Imagine Software, who stars in the Documentary and who in the talk recorded at the 2011 Replay Expo in Blackpool, discusses the triumphs and tragedy of Imagine’s heady days back in the 1980s.

The talk also features guest Paul Andersen, producer/director of the 1984 BBC TV documentary Commercial Breaks, which famously chronicled the company’s very public meltdown alongside the meteroric rise of rival software house, Ocean Software.

Click the screen at the indicated points to be taken to the talk, which will in turn bring you back to this video at the correct point to give you the full experience.

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